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About Facial Contouring

There are many aspects of the face that work together to create beauty. A harmonious face has a jaw and cheeks that are proportionate to the nose and chin. One of the main things that can detract from your appearance is a jawline that is either too prominent or one that lacks definition. A slender V-line (the angle of the jawbone by the ears to the tip of your chin) gives you a balanced, feminine appearance. Women with a wide jaw can look masculine and it can throw off the symmetry of the whole face. Commonly performed in South Korea and eastern Asia, V-line jaw reduction surgery is great for anyone who wants to narrow their jawline. V-line facial contouring by plastic surgeon Dr. Chris Costa narrows the face by treating the structure of the chin and jaw. If you're looking for a more contoured appearance that still looks natural, then we invite you to contact Platinum Plastic Surgery in Las Vegas, NV to find out about facial contouring surgery. 

Ideal Candidates

V-line jaw reduction surgery may help if you have issues with facial imbalance and need a more defined slender look. Most commonly performed on women who want a more feminine appearance, this surgery will reduce an overly prominent or wide jaw and chin to create an attractive V-line. Dr. Costa has a special interest in V-line facial contouring. He will allow your natural features to shine while also refining your chin and presenting you with a more attractive jawline that matches your aesthetic goals. To further enhance your appearance, Dr. Costa may suggest a chin augmentation or jaw reduction along with facial contouring.

Surgical Technique

Before your surgery, Dr. Costa will perform a consultation to review your goals and examine your facial structure.  The surgical technique will be chosen based on your desires and the structure of your chin, jawline, and cheeks in order to create a natural, symmetrical look that still stays true to your unique traits. If you need mild to moderate contouring, Dr. Costa can treat the area with a series of BOTOX injections to help narrow your jaw and treat muscle hypertrophy. If you need dramatic contouring or the structure of your face needs to be altered, Dr. Costa will perform V-line jaw reduction surgery. In most cases, a V-line facial contouring procedure will be performed under general anesthesia and can involve small incisions within the mouth between the gums and cheeks to manipulate the jaw bone. From there, if the chin is being addressed as well, Dr. Costa will make incisions in the front of your gums to shape and contour the chin. The overall goal is to create a smoother, softer appearance in the lower border of your face that is more refined and balanced with the rest of your face. 

What to Expect

After the procedure, you can return home to rest. You should expect some swelling and bruising along with discomfort in your lower face. The swelling will peak after about two days and then subside in the next two weeks. During this process, you should avoid strenuous activity and follow a soft food or liquid diet to avoid aggravating the areas of your mouth that are healing. You may be able to return to work after one week of recovery depending on your case and how extensive the surgery was. Dr. Costa will give you specific care instructions to follow, including any pain medication to take and will schedule follow-up appointments to ensure that you are healing properly. It may take some time for the results to fully appear as your bones begin to heal and gradually take their new shape. 

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Achieve A Proportional Look

If you have a disproportional chin or an overly prominent jaw that makes you look masculine, then facial contouring may help you achieve a slimmer, V-lined appearance. Through careful manipulation of both the jaw and chin bones, Dr. Costa can reshape your lower face for a soft, beautiful result. He will tailor your procedure to match your goals and give you a natural look. Achieve the appearance you want with a facial contouring procedure at Platinum Plastic Surgery in the Las Vegas, NV area.

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