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About Male Rhinoplasty

The nose is one of the most prominent and important features on your face in terms of structure and proportionality. For males specifically, the nose can help to create a masculine appearance and add definition to your profile. Dr. Chris Costa is a plastic surgeon in Las Vegas, NV who is sensitive to these needs and can perform a rhinoplasty while paying special attention to your desires and goals. Nose surgery can help correct issues such as bumps on the bridge of the nose, large or disproportionate nostrils, defects in the nasal tip, and other issues that may be detracting from your overall appearance and confidence. In some cases, a rhinoplasty can even improve breathing for both enhanced function and aesthetic results. Many men at Platinum Plastic Surgery have benefited from this procedure, retaining their masculinity while also getting a nose that balances their face.

Ideal Candidates

Candidates for male rhinoplasty should be at least 16 years old and their nose should be fully developed but needing cosmetic improvements. Sometimes having a weak or soft nose may detract from the masculine appearance you want, while in other cases, your nose may be too prominent or have other cosmetic flaws that you wish to address and smooth out. This procedure can be an ideal solution for you if you're looking to present a more balanced look that offers long-term results. If you are suffering from breathing issues, a rhinoplasty may also help to increase airflow and open up the nasal passages. Talk to Dr. Costa during your consultation about all your needs and concerns so he can develop a customized surgical plan for your rhinoplasty.

Surgical Technique

For a male rhinoplasty, the surgical technique will be similar to that used in a traditional nose surgery. However, Dr. Costa will meet with you beforehand to gain a complete understanding of your goals, current concerns, and issues you would like to correct. This procedure will pay special attention to the intricate details of the nose and its structure in order to maintain your unique appearance and enhancing your masculinity. Usually, after a general anesthesia is administered, Dr. Costa will use either an open or closed technique depending on the extent of the changes being made. An open rhinoplasty will be more intensive and allow Dr. Costa to more freely manipulate the bone, cartilage, and surrounding skin, which he will re-drape afterward to meet the desired outcome. The closed technique will be employed for more minor corrections and subtle refinements. In some cases, bone or tissue grafting may be utilized if you are wishing to strengthen the structure of your nose and need to add width or dimension.

What to Expect

Once at home, you can expect to experience some discomfort along with visible swelling and bruising. You will most likely have these side effects for a few weeks following the operation. Pain medication can be discussed and prescribed if necessary. After your rhinoplasty, you will need to schedule and attend follow-up appointments with Dr. Costa so he can ensure that your recovery is on track. Over the course of several months, your nose will begin to heal so you can see improvements. Overall, your results should last a long time and you can enjoy a more balanced, symmetrical look with a masculine appearance.

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Define Your Nose

While a rhinoplasty can be beneficial to all patients, Dr. Costa offers a male rhinoplasty to specifically address concerns that often appear in men. If you're ready to present a more defined nose that is free of bumps and cosmetic defects, then a male rhinoplasty at Platinum Plastic Surgery may be the solution for you. Dr. Costa can discuss all of your options and help you determine what course of action can help you best achieve your goals. Contact our office in the Las Vegas, NV area to get schedule a consultation.

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