Many women who experience changes in the appearance of their breasts usually consider options, like cosmetic surgery. This is because breast augmentation adds much-needed volume to the area while lift procedures can raise sagging breasts. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Chris Costa is proud to perform individual procedures or combination surgery for an overall perky look.

So what is the difference between breast augmentation and lift surgery, and what are the benefits of combining them? Learn what goes into these treatments when scheduling a breast assessment at Platinum Plastic Surgery. Our Las Vegas, NV professionals can create personalized options based on your needs and goals.

Why do my breasts look different?

It’s normal for breasts to lose volume or hang down over time. However, these changes are not always welcome. Factors that affect your breasts include:

  • Pregnancy: hormone fluctuations can cause breasts to increase in weight and size
  • Breastfeeding: nursing leads to deflated breasts or hanging breast tissue
  • Aging: a decline in natural collagen impacts the quality of your skin, causing breasts to lose firmness
  • Weight fluctuations: losing or gaining weight in a short period of time leads to stretching and droopy breasts

Breast Lift surgery

A breast lift is effective in raising sagging breasts to a perkier position on the chest. This is mainly achieved through excess skin removal. During surgery, Dr. Costa will make one or more incisions and excise a small portion of the stretched-out skin. The remaining skin is pulled tight and secured with sutures. The location and size of the incisions vary based on the amount of loose skin involved and whether we decide to combine your procedure with breast augmentation.

Breast Augmentation surgery

Breast augmentation uses medical-grade implants to provide a fuller shape to the breast. While saline and silicone implants each have their own set of benefits, both are engineered to provide natural-looking results. They also come in different sizes and shapes for a personalized look. Other choices include highly cohesive gummy bear implants and fat transfer surgery. Dr. Costa can review your many options to correct droopy breasts and more when you come in for a breast consultation.

Why should I get combination surgery?

Many of our patients in Las Vegas, NV look into combining breast augmentation and lift surgery. A breast lift can help your breasts sit more upright, but do not increase your breast size. Breast implants, on the other hand, increase volume but don’t necessarily treat hanging or sagging breasts. Women who have been affected by pregnancy, nursing, weight fluctuations, and aging can enhance volume and shape by consolidating procedures.

There are other reasons to consider getting two breast procedures done at once. When each treatment is performed separately, you pay for certain surgical costs twice. You also have to go through two different recovery periods. Our patients who combine breast surgeries get the perky results they want without overspending on time and resources.

Correct loss of volume and droopy breasts

Breast augmentation and lift surgery are great ways to feel refreshed when life events and aging make you feel less than confident. No matter which breast procedure you choose, Dr. Chris Costa and our talented team at Platinum Plastic Surgery can treat a wide range of cosmetic issues and make your breasts perkier than ever. Contact our staff in Las Vegas, NV to discover the advantages of surgery, and enhance your breast shape.