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Introduction to Breast Augmentation

Dr. Christopher Costa is regarded as one of the best breast augmentation surgeons in Las Vegas. He performs this procedure using a special NO SCAR approach by placing the incision in the underarm crease. Patients from Las Vegas and all over the country seek him out to perform this procedure, and his results are regarded as some of the best for breast augmentation.

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What is Breast Augmentation?

Often referred to as Augmentation Mammoplasty, Breast augmentation is a procedure that reshapes the breasts to result in a fuller look. It is generally known as one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries, providing women who dislike the appearance of their breasts an effective opportunity for improvement. With the help of implants or fat from the patient’s body, this enhancement surgery improves breast shape and size for a beautiful outcome.

Who are the Best Candidates for Breast Augmentation?

The decision to go through with breast enhancement surgery is a personal one for women. If you are thinking about having this procedure, you should be doing it for yourself and nobody else. Ideal candidates should be:

  • Healthy with breasts that are fully developed
  • The proper age to have implants
  • Unhappy with the shape of their chest because they seem deflated
  • Desiring this treatment for breasts that have changed due to aging, pregnancy, nursing, or weight loss
  • Those who work out with weights or have little to no original breast mass

What are the Benefits of Breast Augmentation?

Dr. Costa’s patients have seen the following benefits from their Breast Augmentation procedures:

  • Breast Restoration After Pregnancy, Weight Loss, or Aging
  • Corrects Asymmetrical Breasts
  • Improved Self-Confidence
  • Instant Volume
  • Longevity
  • Minimal Risk
  • Natural Looking
  • Quick & Easy Recovery

What’s the First Step?

The first step to getting a Breast Augmentation in Las Vegas with Dr. Costa is education. We’ll want to meet with you in our award-winning practice to answer questions, further explain the procedure, and provide our expert recommendations. If you and Dr. Costa both feel that breast implants are the way to go to meet your aesthetic goals, we’ll go through the process of discussing the implants, sizing, and the incision. As one of the most talented breast surgeons in Vegas, Dr. Costa can perform multiple techniques, which will be discussed during your consultation.

Office Consultation

What to Expect on the Day of Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is a short outpatient procedure that is routinely performed at our outpatient surgery center. You will be comfortably placed to sleep under the care of our licensed anesthesiologists. Following the incision, the breast implant will be placed in its correct position using the most sterile techniques and practices possible to reduce any risk of infection or complication. Once the implant is in position, the incision is carefully secured with absorbable stitches underneath the skin and an adhesive dressing over the incision. Each patient will be taken to a private recovery space and observed before being released.

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Breast Augmentation Recovery

After your breast augmentation, Dr. Costa recommends you stay in town (Las Vegas area) for at least one week after surgery. This will allow us to personally guide you through the recovery process. Most of our patients are off of narcotic pain medication within 24 hours, which is why Dr. Costa is one of the best plastic surgeons who perform this procedure. You will have a follow-up appointment within 48 hours of your surgery to monitor your progress. At each follow-up, we will review where you are at in the recovery process and review relevant instructions to optimize your outcome.

  • General Post-Operative Instructions for Breast Augmentation:
  • Begin ibuprofen within 24 hours of your procedure to minimize pain. See Dr. Costa’s instructions for dosing information.
  • You may lift your arms immediately after surgery and should do so to keep your chest muscles loose and prevent stiffness and pain.
  • Do not remove your dressing after surgery. We will remove it at the clinic during your follow-up appointment. After removal of your dressing, we will place you in the appropriate bra and a compression strap. You should wear this at all times.
  • Walk around your house every three hours to prevent complications.
  • Begin post-operative massage to the implants one week after surgery. We will review this with you at your appointment.
  • Call our office for a fever higher than 101.5 degrees.

Call our office if you have any questions or concerns. If after hours, please call Dr. Costa on his cell phone.

Why Choose Dr. Costa?

When you have your consultation at Platinum Plastic Surgery, Dr. Costa will assess your aesthetic goals and concerns and inform you of all of the choices available while also customizing a treatment plan to achieve your wanted outcome. At Platinum Plastic Surgery, we offer Vectra 3D imaging technology to give each patient a realistic expectation of what they will look like with breast implants. By selecting Dr. Costa for your Las Vegas breast augmentation, you’re choosing a surgeon who is an expert in the field of aesthetic surgery. Dr. Costa is a proud member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons and multiple winners of the Best of Las Vegas.

Why Choose Dr. Coasta

Which Incision Placement is right for me?

The placement of your incision will determine the scar that results after your surgery. Dr. Costa always uses the best techniques to make your incision and scarring as little as possible. Most people who seek out Dr. Costa to perform their breast augmentation do so because he is one of the best at transaxillary endoscopic breast augmentation. This approach places a small incision in the armpit crease, which means there is NO SCAR on the breast. Most patients are good candidates for this approach; however, Dr. Costa may recommend a different approach if it will be better for your anatomy.

  • Transaxillary – Dr. Costa offers transaxillary breast augmentation for patients who are candidates and are interested in surgery without putting a scar on the breast. This procedure is less invasive and involves an endoscopic camera that is inserted through a small incision in the underarm. The advantages of this technique are that the implant can be placed without any scar on the breast. It also leaves the breast tissue untouched without any damage to the glands. Dr. Costa can use silicone or saline implants when performing a transaxillary approach. The potential risks associated with this approach are a reported higher risk of changes to the sensation of the breast, implant malposition, and capsular contracture. It is important to go to a surgeon who regularly performs this type of procedure if you desire a transaxillary endoscopic breast augmentation to maximize your aesthetic outcome.
  • Inframammary Fold – A 3-4cm incision is placed in the fold under the breast that, when healed, is very difficult to detect. This approach cuts through a very minimal amount of native breast glandular tissue. This results in the lowest rates of capsular contracture and malposition. It is no surprise that this is the most commonly used incision by plastic surgeons as it offers a safe approach to placing the implant and is well hidden.
  • Periareolar – This is an incision placed around the areola of the nipple. The advantage of this approach is that in some patients this incision is very hard to see because it may scar the same color as the pigment. The disadvantage of this incision is that you must cut through all of the native breast glands to get to the area where the breast implant is to be inserted. When you insert an implant, it rubs against all of those cut breast glands which are not sterile and have the possibility of introducing bacteria to the implant. This can result in an increased risk for capsular contracture, or even worse, an infection. Additionally, this approach will cause damage to the breast tissue and result in some atrophy of the native breast around the incision, which increases the risk for contour deformities around the incision site.
  • Transumbilical (TUBA) – This approach places an incision at the belly button, and then a tunnel is created under the skin to deliver an implant to the breast. The advantage of this approach is no scar is present on the breast. However, to use this approach, only a deflated saline implant can be inserted, not silicone. The procedure also creates a tunnel through the native inframammary fold and weakens the supporting tissue under the implant. This results in much higher rates of malposition and the need for revision.

Dr. Costa’s Preferred Approach – Dr. Costa prefers to use a transaxillary approach for patients who desire not to have an incision or scar on the breast. He has dedicated himself to learning the subtle technical aspects of this technique and likes to offer it to patients who are appropriate candidates. Dr. Costa also commonly uses an inframammary fold approach since it gives the lowest rates of capsular contracture and the lowest rate of complications to the patient. When performed correctly, this incision heals extremely well and is very difficult to see, even on patients with darker pigment.

How do I choose my Breast Implant size and shape?

Breast implant size is distinguished based on the cubic centimeters (CCs) of saline or silicone used. To determine the right volume, Dr. Costa will measure how much native breast tissue exists and the size you hope to achieve. During your consult, Dr. Costa will use 3D imaging technology to simulate different sizes to show you a predictive result. Dr. Costa will make recommendations based on your unique anatomy to offer your desired result. Implants come in either a teardrop or round shape. Both of these shapes are widely used; however, most of our patients prefer a round implant. It generally looks and feels more natural while adding a fullness to the top of the breast that most patients are seeking. The implant profile equates to how far out the implant looks (projection). In other words, this is what is visible from the side angle. Most projections include low to extra high ranges. The projection that Dr. Costa recommends for his patients depends on the patient’s desired look along with the constraints of the native tissue. Dr. Costa believes in taking every effort to create a natural look for patients that will last for many years.

What are my Breast Implant options?

During your initial consultation with Dr. Costa, he will review with you the implant options available to you and help you select the appropriate implant based on:

  • Your body size and shape
  • Your aesthetic goals
  • Your current breast size, shape, and positioning

Implants for augmentation are made in an assortment of shapes, sizes, textures, and profiles — each of which is considered carefully to reach the desired result. Still, the most commonly used implant types are silicone or saline, both widely popular and approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). An important fact is that candidates considering implants made with saline must be at least 18 years old, while patients must be a minimum of 22 years old to undergo treatment with silicone. Other options include a form-stable implant known as a gummy bear implant, which is a highly cohesive silicone appropriate for some patients, and fat grafting (known as a fat transfer). In addition to the type of implant used, other distinguishing factors will require decisions.

How Much Does Breast Augmentation Cost in Las Vegas, NV?

The price of Breast Augmentation in Las Vegas will vary based on your implant choices and whether you are getting any other surgeries. When your treatment plan is made in your consultation, Dr. Costa can talk to you about estimated costs as well as financing. To make sure you are happy with your results and they last a long time, it is better to focus on quality over low costs.

Schedule Your Consultation

Come in for a consultation and watch as we simulate your new breast augmentation results on your own body with this state-of-the-art assessment tool. Our practice offers a wide variety of options that can best fit the size, shape, and feel that you desire from your enhanced breasts. To learn more, contact our Las Vegas, NV facility to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Costa.

Breast Augmentation FAQs

Do I need a breast lift or augmentation?

Your plan might include implants, a breast lift, or both. A breast lift removes excess skin and improves the breasts, while augmentation enhances the shape and size of the breasts. In your consultation with Dr. Costa, he will listen to your concerns and goals before explaining your treatment options. An augmentation and lift are often a part of a mommy makeover to revitalize the breasts after pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Can I breastfeed with implants?

If you might want to breastfeed after augmentation surgery, be sure to tell Dr. Costa during your consultation. It's usually possible to breastfeed after implants with the right placement and technique. Breastfeeding and pregnancy can alter your results, which is why it is best to wait until after you are done having children to have breast augmentation.

Can I have my implants removed?

You may decide at some point that you want to remove or replace your implants. If this happens, Dr. Costa offers breast revision surgery. During the revision surgery, your current implants can either be replaced with different implants or removed. If you choose to have your implants removed, you may need to have excess skin removed because larger implants can stretch your skin. If you have any questions or concerns after your breast augmentation surgery, schedule an appointment at Platinum Plastic Surgery to discuss your options.

How many appointments will I need?

After your initial consultation, you might have an appointment before your surgery with Dr. Costa to ensure you are healthy and prepared for surgery. Following your procedure, Dr. Costa will have you return a few times to ensure you’re recovering properly and healthily.

How long until I see results?

Although there will be some swelling and bruising following your surgery, you will be able to notice a difference immediately! There will be some scarring that will fade over time.



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