Breast augmentation increases your breast size, which means you may need to go shopping for fresh bras, bathing suits, and tops after surgery. Most women are excited to try out different styles and show off their results. When patients visit Platinum Plastic Surgery in Las Vegas, NV, we are often asked about cup sizes. Your new cup size depends on several factors, including your natural breast tissue and frame.

Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Chris Costa wants patients to have the safest and most rewarding results possible, which is why we explain each aspect of breast augmentation in detail beforehand. Read below or call our clinic to discover your new bra size today.

Who are Breast Implants for?

Breast implants are recommended for individuals who are unhappy with their breast size. Maybe you have inadequate breast tissue, or your breasts have been affected by pregnancy or nursing. Either way, a skilled plastic surgeon can achieve a wide range of goals through breast augmentation. Platinum Plastic Surgery can increase the overall size of your breasts and help you feel more confident about your silhouette.

How do Breast Implant sizes work?

Breast implants are not sized by the traditional “cups” you see at the store. Instead, they are measured in volume, or cubic centimeters (ccs). Implant manufacturers offer sizes that begin at about 100cc and increase to 800cc or more. Of course, most patients are unsure how many ccs they need to achieve their goals. This is where the experience of a board-certified plastic surgeon in Las Vegas, NV comes into play.

How do you choose Breast Implant size?

All breast augmentation patients should attend a consultation before making any decisions about cup or bra size. Dr. Costa can discuss your goals and expectations while explaining how the procedure works. We then consider your frame, natural breast volume, height, and weight before making recommendations. Our hope is to deliver enhanced results that are proportionate for your body.

Many of our patients are eager to go as big as possible when it comes to breast implant size. However, this is not always the healthiest option. For example, breasts that are too heavy may interfere with certain exercises or cause back pain. This is why we take into account your current height and weight before surgery. Smaller implants can still increase your bra size and provide outstanding results.

Other Breast Implant considerations

There are other factors that affect how your breasts will look and feel after breast augmentation. Dr. Costa can review details like saline and silicone implants, round and teardrop-shaped implants, and even breast implant placement. Patients are free to ask as many questions as they like during their initial consultation. Once these decisions are made, the staff at Platinum Plastic Surgery can plan ahead and schedule your procedure.

Increase your bra size with implants

Choosing the right breast implant size is part art and part science. It definitely requires the expertise of a trained professional. If you are considering breast augmentation with implants, we encourage you to meet with Dr. Chris Costa at Platinum Plastic Surgery. Whether you want modest results or a more dramatic increase in size, we can help you achieve your cosmetic goals in Las Vegas, NV.