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What is a Lip Lift?

Upper lip lift is a becoming a more popular procedure for patients who desire a more full and defined lip without needing to constantly have lip filler injections.  Lip lifts transform and bring distinct definition to the outline of the lips to provide a fuller, more desirable mouth. Dr. Chris Costa, a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Las Vegas, NV is skilled in minimally invasive cosmetic procedures of the face, body, and breasts. His practice offers a number of complete facial procedures, which have been shown to rejuvenate the overall appearance.  During your appointment at Platinum Plastic Surgery, Dr. Costa will learn more about you, assess your cosmetic concerns, and determine whether a lip lift procedure will help you meet your aesthetic goals.

Is a Lip Lift Right for Me?

This cosmetic procedure is intended for those with a thin upper lip or those who have had lengthening of their upper lip with age, causing it to cover the gums or teeth and obstruct the smile. The surgery is minimally invasive, straightforward, and typically provides favorable results. During your consultation with Dr. Costa, please be sure to explain your personal needs and detailed reservations so that the proper lip procedure can be selected.

How Are Lip Lifts Performed?

Lip lift procedure is typically performed in our office under local anesthesia without the need to be put to sleep.  Patients can comfortably be numbed and treated for the procedure.  Regardless of the technique chosen, lip lift procedure incisions will be well hidden within the natural anatomy of th face so that the scars are inconspicuous.  There are presently many procedures that are usually considered during a lip lift surgery, and the most common are:

Gull-wing lip lift: This procedure is commonly used to enhance the appearance of the vermilion, commonly called the lip line, which shapes the crests of the Cupid’s bow. During this approach, the skin is meticulously detached and the lips are reshaped and lifted to enhance the appeal of the vermilion.

Sub-nasal lip lift: During this surgery, a tiny part of skin from under the nose is detached and then lifted and stitched into place beneath it. This sub-nasal lip lift technique makes the lips appear larger and fuller, adding volume to the vermilion and Cupid's bow.

What Results Can I Expect from a Lip Lift?

Lip lift procedures offer gorgeous, immediate results.  The upper lip will appear more full and have a more defined shape.  Many patients who get this procedure no longer have the need for getting lip fillers.  In addition to minor pain, you can expect swelling and bruising the first couple of weeks after a lip lift or drop procedure as the face and lips are delicate areas. It can take two months for the ultimate outcome of lip surgery to be totally unveiled. After the swelling and bruising have subsided, you should have obvious improvements and impressive results.

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Kiss Droopy Lips Goodbye

Although lip lifts are sensitive in nature, they can and often do yield gorgeous results. There is no need to worry about leaving Platinum Plastic Surgery with “duck lips,” or lips that appear to be changed. Dr. Costa performs lip lift surgeries that provide dramatic but unrefined-looking results that increase the overall appearance of your face. If you are considering a lip lift or lip drop procedure and believe that now is the time, contact Platinum Plastic Surgery to make a consultation at our Las Vegas, NV plastic surgery facility.

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